High purity chemicals are the key to the high-quality and high-end development of chemical production in China at present, and are one of the most dynamic emerging development fields in the chemical industry. They provide high-end basic chemical raw materials for fields such as electronic information, aerospace, medical health, intelligent manufacturing, and are a strategic high ground seized by domestic and foreign industries and academia.

In order to further establish technical exchanges in the field of high-purity chemicals in China and promote the overall development of the industry, the High Purity Chemical Equipment and Process Professional Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society will hold the “First China Chemical Society High Purity Chemical Industry Development Conference” from July 30 to August 1, 2023 at the Beijing Conference Center.

We sincerely invite academicians, experts, scholars, researchers, engineering and technical personnel, management personnel, and students from national universities, research institutes, enterprises and institutions working in the field of high-purity chemicals and related fields to participate in the conference and discussion!17f7a790eb5f429a43ac9660766dd8517fab06704bf74c5c92649bbf1f2f43be64af2cc4de8eadf310c522224963df8a2ae3a878495105e9a35775aa1632

Post time: Jul-31-2023