The amino group of one amino acid and the carboxyl group of another amino acid can be condensed into a peptide, and the amide group formed is called a peptide bond in protein chemistry. The amino acid molecule is the smallest and the protein is the largest. Two or more amino acids are dehydrated and condensed to form several peptide bonds to form a peptide, and multiple peptides are folded to form a protein molecule. Proteins are sometimes called “polypeptides”. Dipeptides (referred to as dipeptides) are protein fragments composed of two amino acids.

      In recent years, the sales scale of peptide drugs has continued to expand. Among the three anti-tumor drugs ranked third in the therapeutic field, protein peptide drugs rank first. Due to the increasing resistance of general antibiotics, the demand for new peptide antibiotics is very strong.

      The global peptide industry is growing rapidly, with a compound annual growth rate of nearly 25%. In China, although the peptide industry has just started, its development speed is very vigorous. The market sales of peptide drugs in China increased from 19 billion to 36.8 billion, with a compound growth rate of over 16.58%. The market for peptide drugs is low in saturation, the demand is large, and the industry prospects are very good.

      Beijing Yibai Biotechnology Co., Ltd can provide various Peptides with high quality, such as Deslorelin Acetate, Lanreotide, Cetrorelix, Lanreotide Acetate, etc. The peptide drug industry is an industry with very high technical barriers. The most important factor restricting the production capacity of my country’s peptide drug industry is also the production technology of the product. The industry development of peptide products continues to improve. The key is that pharmaceutical companies must thoroughly research and develop their products and meet international and domestic requirements. Only such companies can take the lead in the development of the industry and become the industry leader.

Post time: Sep-15-2020