On August 6th, our company sent representatives to participate in the 7th Cold Lotus Festival and 2nd Entrepreneurs’ Festival Negotiation and Exchange Week Pharmaceutical Industry Promotion Conference in Hulin City. At the conference, we gathered with 35 outstanding entrepreneurs from both domestic and international sources to discuss friendship, cooperation, and development.

Hulin City has unique geographical advantages, a complete industrial chain and supporting facilities, first-class service institutions and talent resources, preferential policies and business environment, which will provide a solid foundation for enterprises to achieve the integration of raw material and formulation industries.

The development of the biopharmaceutical industry in Hulin has favorable conditions, a solid foundation, and a promising future. There are a total of 4.5 million mu of forest land in the region, which is rich in over 230 types of Chinese medicinal materials and can be harvested in large quantities, providing a superior natural environment for the production and cultivation of northern medicine.

Relying on the rich resources of Beiyao, Hulin City has positioned the biopharmaceutical industry as the leading industry and cultivated several pharmaceutical production enterprises represented by Zhenbao Island Pharmaceutical. This year, Hulin City has launched the construction of a biopharmaceutical industrial park, and a series of valuable support policies have been introduced for the project, attracting a new batch of pharmaceutical production enterprises, B-certificate enterprises, medical device enterprises, and pharmaceutical chain enterprises to settle down.


At the meeting, the Hulin Municipal Government signed contracts with representatives of our company and 20 other pharmaceutical enterprises, covering multiple pharmaceutical fields such as modern logistics of drugs, production and processing of medical machinery, and professional pharmacies for health management.微信图片_202308080955119111e958e7337d9e4ed74391abb3ded0c57850bf6ead05f9ca35f3870ca921d283234936850331bc4574a4c3a4cdc

Post time: Aug-08-2023